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Oil Massage

Oil Massage

An Oil Massage is a softly touching massage,on the surface of the muscle, without any pain, so it is preferred by most people who do not like the feeling of too much pressure.  The happiness and wellness received from an oil massage stimulates the release of the Endorphin hormone, which improves psycho-immunology. It also promotes health and helpfully refreshes the whole body, reducing pain, and promoting relaxation for good health care. However if a stronger pressure massage is required then just please request this.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai therapeutic massage is an ancient and natural healing method. Now a days it is very popular and useful, because it is safe and without side effects. It is non toxic and definitely not harmful to your health. The big advantage is the warm touch of the massage.



A full range of nail treatments are available, please contact us for details and prices.

Leave your troubles and stress behind… Treat yourself to a Thai Massage you deserve it!

Massage is a therapy with records dating back to Egyptian times some 4000 years ago. Evidence has also been found in ancient civilisations that include Roman, Greek, Indian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Su, the proprietor is Thai born but now long time British resident. She received her Professional qualifications in Thailand. Thai massage uses combinations of “presses” and “yoga stretches” to improve the body both physically and mentally.

Using these actions, Su can manipulate the “sen” lines (pathways) that radiate throughout the body.

The benefits of this stimulation:

  • Relieve stress and aid relaxation…
  • Reduce muscle tension and stiffness…
  • Improve circulation of blood and lymph fluids…
  • Enhance athletic performance…
  • Provide greater joint flexibility…
  • Foster a feeling of well-being.

“You will be safe in my hands”

“My aim is to look after you well so you will return time and again”

Nail Treatments also available.

Prior appointments preferred by either emailing bookings@thethaitouch.com or calling 07415 296395.

Walk in appointments are no problem, and in the event a Treatment is in progress, there will be a sign saying when the next appointment is available